Sunday, May 15, 2016



   There is a hushful silence when my eyes slowly open.  The curtains are drawn but the soft light of day gently lightens our bedroom from the lofty uncovered window above our bed.  Peace is in every essence of my being.

   A whimper from Stewie lets me know it is time to rise and let he and Tucker outside.  I wrap my robe around me as I walk out of our bedroom, silently closing the door behind me so my sleeping Love may slumber and to the tall glass and wood doors that open to the front of our home.  Morning sounds of subtle immersion awaken my senses.

  Which sense brings the smile to my face? It is my eyes or ears?  My eyes see tall pine trees, redwoods and then closest to our home the pink jasmine running along our fence that encloses our front garden.  Happy.  This is my happy place.

     My ears hear birdsong for the birds too are waking up to a new day.  Just barely I can hear the sea as the waves break upon the beach.  I wonder how high they are this time of morning.  I look forward to when we have a table and chairs out here to sip my coffee but for now I have two hungry dogs looking at me hopefully and a "hurry up!" yip from Tucker who wants his breakfast asap.

Sea shell, sea shell
Sing a song for me
Sing about the ocean
Tell me about the sea.

     This home my Love and I are smitten with.  From the first time we walked through it we knew it called us, asked for us, to be ours.  Afterward we sat upon the beach with our picnic lunch and talked of what we should do.  We hadn't expected to find a place so quickly!  Yet we both felt that we needn't look further.  Sitting there looking out at the white sandy beach, watching kids, adults, dogs happily enjoying the warm sunny day brought us both full circle of these past several years that had been of ups and downs over grief with the loss of our parents.  It isn't easy accepting they have passed away and that we must continue as the elders now.  Stepping forward is awkward at times yet we have each other to fall upon and pick the other up, give the long embrace, hold onto and count our lucky stars that we have each other.  

     With that one day we took our first steps to a new home.  For me it was a coming home.  I played upon the beaches of Carmel in my childhood, clambering on the rocks near the Carmel River State Beach or paddling around in the river with my friends.  Shopping with my mom in the shops off Ocean Avenue or taking family friends sightseeing in the area.  It felt like home already.    

     When our children were growing up, my parents often rented the lovely old home "Steelaway" and we would come to visit with them, where they too built a memory of happy times in this beautiful area.   

     I'll come back....  The wish I had when we moved away from Salinas all those years ago and now it is real.

  This too is a new beginning.  A new blog that shall be inspired by our new getaway Sea Song Cottage with whimsy and words, photos and poems, decorating and recipes, a getaway of the mind.  Welcome...




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