Thursday, May 19, 2016

First weekend

“Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, 
no matter how many times it's sent away.” 
~ Sarah Kay ~

     Coming back to our cottage after we had signed papers and received the keys, had to wait till after the holidays.  First of all there was not a bit of furniture in the cottage unless you count the bench in the front garden and some worn chairs on the upper patio.  No we couldn't really entertain and honestly I wanted to be at home with all my family.

    There were many nights of waking up with my thoughts running over how I would decorate our new place.  It was rather daunting for several weeks and then one night I decided to fall to sleep thinking of one room at a time.  Somehow I was able to get my rest and not feel overwhelmed by the project at hand.  My creative juices flowed!  I was determined I could do this using Craigslist and every sale I could patiently wait for.

   We hired a painter to come do all the interior except for bathrooms, closets and doors.  We both agreed the color that was on the walls already was the perfect shade of white.  Lucky for us we were able to match the existing paint and how easy that decision was.  At first I started with our bedroom.  I thought that should be the first one done. First splurge would be our bed.  I knew the exact one and though it was an online purchase I felt certain all would go well.  Several weeks later the bed arrived to our house in Danville where we stowed it in the barn till we could take it down to Carmel.  Out of the box it looked perfectly wonderful!

   Jump forward 6 weeks later when we had the mattresses delivered and Tim could bring a load of furniture too.   I drove down a bit later excited to see the bed in place.  About an hour down the road and my cell phone rings.  Tim says that the mattresses arrived and he was able to have the guys help him set up the bed.  I asked how it went in and he said great.  A pause.  He asks me what size bed frame did we order and with that I knew there was a problem.  I knew I ordered a King but here is the issue with King beds.  There is the Eastern King (wider and shorter) or the Cal King (longer and a bit narrower).  I had just assumed that my order was the right size since it did not say Eastern King.  I failed to note the measurements and it was quickly diagnosed that the King I ordered was indeed an Eastern King which is not common in California.

    The rest of my drive was disappointing since I started trying to figure out how on earth did I not pay attention to the measurements.  Then I hoped there would not be a problem in returning it since we had it for 6 weeks.   My smiles reappeared as I drove over the crest of the highway when I saw the glorious Monterey Bay.  All was going to be well.  Just relax.

    Tim showed me the bed put together and it looked just as I had hoped it would.  Then of course we tried the box springs, just because he wanted me to see the problem (which I already understood but I went along with the demonstration).  I made my phone calls and thankfully there was no hitch for it to be returned but I would have to pay the shipping fee.  My loss was the shipping both ways.  Darn.   Of course the online store does not carry a Cal King so I was put back to the task of finding a new bed frame.

    It was our first time sleeping in the cottage.  Our mattress was set up on the floor a la 60's hippie style.  The dogs loved that they could jump up and down off the bed whenever they wanted.  This bed was perfect for them!  And in the end it was a perfect weekend for us to celebrate our new home ownership of our second home.  How fortunate and grateful we were.

     Loading the bed back on the truck was a tad scary for me as I reminded Tim I was not a mover and I didn't want to hurt myself.  I also wanted to make sure we didn't damage it before it could be returned.   He then brought out mover's straps (what a great invention!) which helped immensely.

  Our first weekend was full of sunshine and it was even mildly warm which for January was unexpected.  We found our way down to the beach via the quaint neighborhoods and small pathways that looked like dead end streets but some had little gardens, wood stairs, and even a foot bridge.  For me, there is nothing quite like the fresh ocean breeze as it sweeps up from the rolling waves.  Carmel is less busy with the tourist trade in the winter months but being that it was a lovely weekend there were many strolling along with kids, dogs or just couples perhaps on a romantic weekend.  The water in deep shades of blue to the sea glass blue-green as a wave crests before it falls to the beach in crisp white spray to the sandy shore.  Tucker and Stewie could not have been more happy.  They had never been to the beach and what with all the other dogs and people they wagged their tails constantly.  Tucker barked and barked as though he wanted to make sure everyone saw him!  It was pretty silly and at first Tim was telling him to be quiet until I said to let him bark.  Why ever not?  He just loved this place with all his doggy heart.


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