Monday, June 13, 2016

The Continuing Bed Saga

     When at  first you don't succeed try, try again. With that in mind the search for our bed was hot on my mind as I scanned images of  "high beds, headboard and footboard, wood beds, country, cottage" for ideas.  I would find one only to find it cost a pretty penny. The next one on closer inspection would look cheap.   Then one popped up that sounded and looked wonderful. It was a bit more than I had hoped it would be but not so much that I wouldn't consider it.

     It had been hard to find a bed that would blend well with the steal of a deal cabinet I had found for $50 on Craigslist that looked good with the previous bed.   I dreaded telling Tim that my intent was to resale it and go a different direction if only because when we picked it up it weighed so much even if was big enough to hold a 40 inch TV easily.  The thought of loading it on our truck and moving it to Carmel then unloading it to our bedroom filled me with apprehension. I can help move furniture but when they reach a certain weight or their size is beyond me I'm ready to call anyone we know to help.

     When my brain goes into hyper drive I gather ideas and images that fuel the inner decorator in me. Tim was all onboard with the new bed I showed him and he thought he would ask a friend of ours whom happens to own a furniture store if he might be able to order it.   Good luck was going our way!

     I had found my duvet and shams via eBay of which had been stored in a closet right after we closed escrow.  I was chomping at the bit with impatiences and clearly would be waiting at least a month till the new bed arrived.  

     At the four week mark the bed had not arrived. Darn.  At five weeks we got the call the bed was in and our friend had unpackaged it to make sure it was in tip top shape. Yes!  We scheduled it to be delivered the following weekend along with some recent furniture finds from our home in Danville. My latest inspiration was to bring our tall natural pine armoire that we have had for the better part of 30 years to use in our bedroom in place of the previous Craigslist cabinet. Also two reproduction farmhouse bedside tables I had inherited from my parents home. Tim loved that I was taking some extra items we already had.

     He drove down ahead of me to meet the furniture store truck and I followed down a bit later, just as before. Like a repeating nightmare Tim called with the bad news. Say it isn't so, but it was an Eastern King!!!!!  I was once again disappointed and even mad since we both had reiterated that it needs to be a Cal King.  By the time I arrived in Carmel the bed was gone to be returned and reordered. Tim kindly took a photo for me to see how it would have looked.  I sighed with the dream of when we would have a bed to sleep upon.

    Let's fast forward another five weeks and at long, long last our bed is in place.

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