Wednesday, July 6, 2016


My gentle Puck, come hither.  Thou rememberest
since once I sat upon a promotory
and heard a mermaid on a dolphin's back
uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath
that the rude sea grew civil at her song
and certain stars shot madly from their spheres
to hear the seamaid's music?

~Excerpt from A Midsummer Nights Dream~

     There are times when we walk upon the beach that I am entranced by the waves as they break.  To watch them begin far from shore, the rise of the swell, the wondering how big the wave will grow.  I have seen what might become a huge wave only to flow forward in a soft break where the sea foam sizzles into the sand.  Perhaps the next shall rise up as though a sea serpent lurks beneath the deep blue depth.  And then you see it.  The powerful build up of the swell that grows and grows and the crest of the wave rises higher until it can no longer contain it's purpose of grappling the smooth sand that awaits.  


     I have embraced the calm sea that quiets my soul.  Felt the chill of the fog that circles toward land, encompassing my human frame as it finds the slimmest of passages through my clothes.  I shiver not just for this cool unseen hand that makes goose bumps rise, but for how alive I feel by the unknown presence this vast sea embodies my weaknesses and my strengths.  All without words. 

     I am here.  
        Empty me. 
            Fill me hypnotic sea dream.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Naming a cottage

Come my love and live with me
In a sweet little cottage by the sea
Where roses grow around the door
And flowers bloom for evermore
Inside my cottage clean and neat 
A big brick fireplace will give out heat
Outside the birds will sing all day
And on the beach the children play
So come my love to the cottage by the sea
And see how happy we will be.
~ Esme Shaw ~

        When we became the owners of this home, by happenstance it had no name.  My first thought was we would be able to give it a name of our own choosing!   What luck we did not have the possibility of the home having a name we disliked for it is rumored to be bad luck to change a name of a home, which sounds much like changing the name of a boat.

      So began a list of names that we kept on a pad of paper on our desk.  Our first name that we both liked had much to do with our most recent trip to France which was "Maison de la Mer".  It stayed at the top but we both were not committed to saying "Yes!".  Some we found were already used on other homes.  Tim thought of  "Tucked Away" in thoughts of Tucker our Sheltie and because the home seemed tucked in the woods and below the street level, however, there was a cottage barely a block away with that name.  Then there was the name "Tir Na Nog" that our daughter Erin thought of which in old Irish is a name for place in the "otherworld" that is the home of everlasting youth, health and joy.  I did like this for its meaning but I also felt it might be hard to say or spell for our visitors.  

    Then almost six months later the name "Sea Song" clicked.  It wasn't on our list but music is a bit of spiritual love with my daughters and I.   From our tucked in spot we can hear the waves faintly in the distance as they crash upon the shore. We hear the song of birds and of children playing in the nearby park.  All these create a peaceful, happy place for Tim and I when we are there.  

     The sign has a short clandestine story.  We were down one weekend with some friends and the two men had taken a walk with the dogs down to the beach.  They both came back saying they had found the perfect piece of driftwood to make the sign.  My first thought was if they could take a piece of driftwood from the beach.  Many questions and answers flew amongst us but in the end the men both confessed to having ditched the piece of wood under some bushes and they were set to pick it up.  The payback of this wood is when Tim placed it in the back of the car it reeked to high heaven like cat pee.  Or at least that is what my nose sensed.  He scrubbed it down thoroughly before we came home and that must have worked because there were no unpleasant scents on the drive home.

   Tim sanded a flat surface that we might place our letters of which we found pre-made ones online where you could choose your own font.  Then it was a matter of finding the right shade of sea-blue-green which gratefully was easy to blend and create.

   Where to hang our newly repurposed sign for the first timers trying to find our obscure cottage in the woods, we did have a differing of opinion between us.  Tim thought it would look best nearest the corner to our property, on a tree above the small path above the cottage.  I found it to be hard to see if you were driving by as you would need to crane your neck up to see it.   He was convinced it was the perfect place and I graciously decided to give it try.  Compromise.

    The day we were to come home we discussed moving the sign and Tim gallantly agreed that perhaps my idea of placing the sign on the tree nearest our driveway might be a better spot.  Once more he pulled out the ladder removed it from the previous tree and placed it on the large pine tree that secretly I just knew was "the sweet spot".


This is indeed our Happy Place

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sea Song Movie Night ~ Jaws!

   Oh come on!   It's summer and what would summer mean without thinking of sun, sand, heat, sunbather's, and sharks!

    It was released June of 1975, the year I would become a senior in High School and up until then I had no problem with being in the ocean.  My dear friend Amy was visiting me from Pennsylvania and we went to see it with my then boyfriend and future husband Tim, his dad and his brother at a matinee.  I had no idea what to expect other than a movie about a Great White Shark that wreaks mayhem and fear in a small coastal town.  It was the blockbuster film for summer and  it lived up to every gory, nightmare inducing, fear of what lies below the surface of water moment that would alter how we look at sharks forever.

    This was one of my favorite scenes.....

The music.....just hearing those deep notes sent me gripping the theater seats.


   I must have jumped out of the seat a dozen times during that movie and the boys thought it was a hoot.  Scream?!  Yes!  Heart racing?  Yes!  A part of me kept hoping it would end soon and yet it kept going and more bodies and more blood.  A bit like being on a roller coaster and realizing that maybe you should't be on that ride.  Somehow Amy and I survived the ordeal.

   We went back to Tim's parents home where his mom had made an Angel Food Cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.  It sort of soothed my stressful afternoon.  The boys of course had to share the highlights of the movie with Betty and relay how Amy and I were scared of everything that happened whenever music or the shark came into a scene.

    Did I ever watch the movie again?  Years and years later I did, at home, on our by today's standards little TV.  The movie still gets to me.

Happy 4th of July!